How to get from Shoreditch High Street station to Rolfing-Fitsmile-London?

How to get from Shoreditch High Street station for my Rolfing Structural Integration appointment with Jaro?

Rolfing Fitsmile London clinic is located approximately 0.4 mi ( 8min walk) away from Shoreditch High Street station.

Once you have contacted me, we’ll schedule a phone call or meeting to discuss your needs and objectives. I can share how Rolfing® Structural Integration might help you. The Rolfing Series starts with 10 sessions, each one of which is unique and builds upon the results of the previous ones. Session time: 60min, spaced: 1-3 weeks apart After the structure of the Ten Series, many clients continue with their Rolfing journey with further sessions to build on the gains made. All sessions include observation, hands-on manipulation, and movement education. Explorations in breathing, sitting, standing and walking enhance body perception and relieve restrictive patterns and pain.
Rolfing Fitsmile London,
7 Toynbee Street E1 7NE

Here’s a short 48s slideshow video showing how to walk from the station to the Rolfing clinic.

Here’s the photo of the exit at the Shoreditch High Street station.

There is only one exit at the Shoreditch High Street station, so after passing the ticket barriers turn right onto Wheler St.

Just watch out for bicycles, scooters and motorbikes!!! Go ahead until you will see a costa coffee sign, then take left onto Commercial Street.

Then just keep walking down the Commercial street for the next 4-5min. There is an organic shop called “as nature intended Spitalfields” on your left-hand side, so if you need a healthy snack before your Rolfing session, it is a good place to get one.

If you feel like a having a cup of coffee before or after your Rolfing session, I would recommend checking the Brooklyn Coffee Spitalfields. You will have the shop on your right-hand side.

Keep walking further down the Commercial St and you will have the Tesco Shoreditch Commercial Street Express and then the Golden Heart Pub (Hanbury St) on your left.

You are almost there! If you on the left-hand side of the Commercial St, there is a zebra crossing, which you can use it to cross the road. Next, you will have the Old Spitalfields Market on your right-hand side.

Then the Christ Church Spitalfields on your left-head side.

You will be 100 meters away from the Rolfing Fitsmile London clinic, by this point. Continue walking forward, then take a slight right onto Toynbee St.

You are here. Please ring the doorbell!

Here are some useful links to the Rolfing Frequently Ask Questions articles. Please read it, It might help you to prepare for your first Rolfing Structural Integration session.

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If you have some questions about Rolfing process please click this link to email me or give me a call on 07840138019

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