Beginner guide to Endurance training. 12 useful tips to maximize your performance.

Beginner guide to Endurance training.

Endurance training for beginners
Rolfing & Personal Training in London Jaro Wojciechowski

–          Be familiar with the sport you want to compete in.

–          Be familiar with the distance you want to compete at.

–          Train hard but smart. If you feel like your body needs a rest, take a day off from training. If you don’t have enough time for a long workout, do a short workout with a higher intensity or resistance to challenge your body in a shorter amount of time.

–          Be systematic with your training.

–          Plan your races wisely and allow yourself enough time to prepare for an event.

–          Make sure that you have the right diet plan (the right amount of calories and a balanced ratio of macronutrients and micronutrients in your food) for the sport you compete in.

–          As much as you can, try to decrease your body’s inflammation caused by your endurance training. Use anti-inflammatory food and supplements, post-workout recovery supplements, etc.

–          Incorporate core exercises, stretches and foam rolling into your workout program.

–          Use the best quality equipment you can afford – it might decrease the risk of getting injured or sick.

–          Join an endurance athlete’s group on Facebook or other social media.

–          Train with a trainer or a group of friends.

–          Find a high quality body worker, Rolfing Structural Integration practitioner, osteopath, chiropractor or physio and set up a regular weekly session to keep your body in good alignment and to stay injury free.

Here’s the video showing how Rolfing Structural Integration can help endurance runners.


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