Rolfing Session Four “Finding the core”

Rolfing is a technique of deep tissue manipulation which releases tension and realigns the body to improve functioning and wellbeing.

Rolfing Session Four “Finding the core”

The fourth session is concerned with the inner leg muscles and the pelvic floor, starting a phase of work which focuses on the bodies core.

The core extends far beyond just a six pack and refers to the interior space which holds the organs, as well as the surrounding muscles and fascia. The core is used in almost every movement of the human body and acts as a stabiliser during dynamic and isometric motions.

In this session the aim is to release and organise the tissue structure which forms the boundary of the lower core. The pelvic floor muscles are the main focus in this area.

A healthy pelvic floor has many benefits such as giving control over the bladder and bowel in order to control the release of urine, faeces and flatulence. Alongside this the pelvic floor muscles contribute to healthy sexual function in both men and women and are key in supporting pregnancy and childbirth.

However the most important benefit of well functioning and positioned pelvic floor muscles, is the stability and support this gives the pelvis and lumbar spine. The position of the pelvis can greatly impact posture, for example if it is too far forward this can create too much lordosis which can lead to lower back pain.

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