Carpal tunnel compression. Rose after three Rolfing Structural Integration treatments.

Carpal tunnel compression. Rose 25 years old personal trainer talks about her left-hand injury and how she felt after three Rolfing Structural Integration treatments.

Rose is 25 years old and works as a personal trainer.

A few weeks back, she experienced pain in her wrist and her hand, which she describes as “pins and needles”, during the night.

Performing exercises, such as press ups, resulted in a bursting pain from extending her wrists, followed by her hand becoming swollen.

Rose was unable to use her wrist at all therefore, she went to the hospital and was told that a trapped nerve was causing the problem. The hospital advised her to go to the hand clinic.

She is now unable to lift anything heavy and do any proper training from this injury.

Here’s the photo of Rose’s left hand.

Rose’s left hand.

Here’s Rose’s hospital letter.

Rose’s hospital letter

“Diagnosis: ?left carpal tunel compresion

I reviewed this right-hand dominant, Personal Trainer lady, in ….. clinic today in his absence. She was accompanied to the clinic by her mother. She complained that she wakes up at night especially with tingling and numbness in the radial three fingers of the left hand with some degree of pain and tightness when awakening in the morning She feels the left wrist becomes stiff and painful after personal training session.

She is otherwise fit and well, a non-smoker and not on any regular medications. She has no history of injury to the neck or upper back.

On clinical examination today there is no obvious Tinel’s but Phalen’s is mildly positive in the left hand although on clinical examination there is no proximal neuropathy. Therefore I have suggested that she would benefit from a nerve conduction study and we will review her in six weeks’ time with the results and I have also spoken to the Hand Therapist in the clinic for a temporary splint to relieve pressure of the wrist.

We will see her again in six weeks’ time.

Yours sincerely”

 Post three Rolfing treatments press ups test & interview.

Post-treatment interview.

Rose has received three Rolfing sessions from me ( Jaro Wojciechowski Rolfing & Personal Training in London) over one month.

Throughout these sessions, We worked on the hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder and neck.

I compressed muscles and moved fascia allowing normal sensations to return.

After each session, Rose felt very “calm, sleepy and very relaxed”.

She is now able to return to exercise and even after the first session, she could do a press up again!

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