Can Rolfing Structural Integration help to increase punch reach in boxing?

Let find out how much one Rolfing session helped to increased a Muay Thai champion his punch reach.

I had an interesting Rolfing session with Shaq Davies Lion_Training_pt a Mui Thai fighter today. Shaq has been preparing for his next fight in 4 weeks times and he came to me for treatment complaining about feeling heavy with his arms. We mainly worked on his cervical/ upper thoracic spine, shoulders and arms today. I measured Shaq’s arms reach before and after our Rolfing session and his arms reach improved by almost 1cm in the coronal plane (arms reaching to the side) and by almost 2cm (from 83.5cm to 85.3cm) in the sagittal plane (arms reaching forward).

Here’s the video showing me Rolfing Shaq Davis, 3 x British Muay Thai champ.

I found it very interesting and I would definitely like to do more research on it.

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