Brilliant!!! 5 stars Google review

Jaro Wojciechowski Rolfing & Personal Training in London

Thank you so much Kathryn for your BRILLIANT 5 stars ( ?????) Google review!

“I never review anything online but have to after meeting Jaro. After injuring myself waterskiing 4 years ago and doing nothing about it, I finally realised that the pain in my leg wasn’t going to go away with hope alone. I was referred to Jaro who I have to say was BRILLIANT. It took a few sessions to relieve the amount of muscle tension, but it worked and now after 4 years I don’t live in pain and can really push myself when I excercise and simple things like using steps doesn’t hurt me.. If you’re hurting don’t wait, go see him. He works magic and is also lovely and very friendly!”

For more testimonials please visit: https://www.rolfing-fitsmile-london.co.uk/testimonials/

For more information about Rolfing Structural Integration please visit: https://www.rolfing-fitsmile-london.co.uk/rolfing-in-london/

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