Boxing personal training – foam sticks for improving speed and agility, focus mitts drills and technical sparring drills.

Boxing personal training for fitness and self-defence.

Boxing training improves cardiovascular fitness and requires you to use all-round strength. You’ll get more coordinated physically, but also mentally. You need to think, to have a strategy, to be aware of your strong points and weak points, and to assess your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. When you spar, you need to stop your opponent from using his strengths and try to use your own strengths.

Boxing training will also be beneficial for:

  • fat loss
  • improving muscular endurance
  • improving speed and agility  
  • stress relief
  • ability to self-defence yourself  

Boxing mitts, foam sticks and technical sparring.

We use drills on the pads, foam sticks, strength and conditioning exercises, and, if you want, fully protected technical sparring. 

If you want to try boxing training, strength and conditioning, fat loss, injury rehab, or any other kind of personal training with me, just contact me.

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