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Carpal tunnel compression. Rose after three Rolfing Structural Integration treatments.

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Carpal tunnel compression. Rose 25 years old personal trainer talks about her left-hand injury and how she felt after three Rolfing Structural Integration treatments.

Rose is 25 years old and works as a personal trainer.

A few weeks back, she experienced pain in her wrist and her hand, which she describes as “pins and needles”, during the night.

Performing exercises, such as press ups, resulted in a bursting pain from extending her wrists, followed by her hand becoming swollen.

Rose was unable to use her wrist at all therefore, she went to the hospital and was told that a trapped nerve was causing the problem. The hospital advised her to go to the hand clinic.

She is now unable to lift anything heavy and do any proper training from this injury.

Here’s the photo of Rose’s left hand.

Rose’s left hand.

Here’s Rose’s hospital letter.

Rose’s hospital letter

“Diagnosis: ?left carpal tunel compresion

I reviewed this right-hand dominant, Personal Trainer lady, in ….. clinic today in his absence. She was accompanied to the clinic by her mother. She complained that she wakes up at night especially with tingling and numbness in the radial three fingers of the left hand with some degree of pain and tightness when awakening in the morning She feels the left wrist becomes stiff and painful after personal training session.

She is otherwise fit and well, a non-smoker and not on any regular medications. She has no history of injury to the neck or upper back.

On clinical examination today there is no obvious Tinel’s but Phalen’s is mildly positive in the left hand although on clinical examination there is no proximal neuropathy. Therefore I have suggested that she would benefit from a nerve conduction study and we will review her in six weeks’ time with the results and I have also spoken to the Hand Therapist in the clinic for a temporary splint to relieve pressure of the wrist.

We will see her again in six weeks’ time.

Yours sincerely”

 Post three Rolfing treatments press ups test & interview.

Post-treatment interview.

Rose has received three Rolfing sessions from me ( Jaro Wojciechowski Rolfing & Personal Training in London) over one month.

Throughout these sessions, We worked on the hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder and neck.

I compressed muscles and moved fascia allowing normal sensations to return.

After each session, Rose felt very “calm, sleepy and very relaxed”.

She is now able to return to exercise and even after the first session, she could do a press up again!

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How to get from Shoreditch High Street station to Rolfing-Fitsmile-London?

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How to get from Shoreditch High Street station for my Rolfing Structural Integration appointment with Jaro?

Rolfing Fitsmile London clinic is located approximately 0.4 mi ( 8min walk) away from Shoreditch High Street station.

Once you have contacted me, we’ll schedule a phone call or meeting to discuss your needs and objectives. I can share how Rolfing® Structural Integration might help you. The Rolfing Series starts with 10 sessions, each one of which is unique and builds upon the results of the previous ones. Session time: 60min, spaced: 1-3 weeks apart After the structure of the Ten Series, many clients continue with their Rolfing journey with further sessions to build on the gains made. All sessions include observation, hands-on manipulation, and movement education. Explorations in breathing, sitting, standing and walking enhance body perception and relieve restrictive patterns and pain.

Rolfing Fitsmile London,
7 Toynbee Street E1 7NE

Here’s a short 48s slideshow video showing how to walk from the station to the Rolfing clinic.

Here’s the photo of the exit at the Shoreditch High Street station.

There is only one exit at the Shoreditch High Street station, so after passing the ticket barriers turn right onto Wheler St.

Just watch out for bicycles, scooters and motorbikes!!! Go ahead until you will see a costa coffee sign, then take left onto Commercial Street.

Then just keep walking down the Commercial street for the next 4-5min. There is an organic shop called “as nature intended Spitalfields” on your left-hand side, so if you need a healthy snack before your Rolfing session, it is a good place to get one.

If you feel like a having a cup of coffee before or after your Rolfing session, I would recommend checking the Brooklyn Coffee Spitalfields. You will have the shop on your right-hand side.

Keep walking further down the Commercial St and you will have the Tesco Shoreditch Commercial Street Express and then the Golden Heart Pub (Hanbury St) on your left.

You are almost there! If you on the left-hand side of the Commercial St, there is a zebra crossing, which you can use it to cross the road. Next, you will have the Old Spitalfields Market on your right-hand side.

Then the Christ Church Spitalfields on your left-head side.

You will be 100 meters away from the Rolfing Fitsmile London clinic, by this point. Continue walking forward, then take a slight right onto Toynbee St.

You are here. Please ring the doorbell!

Here are some useful links to the Rolfing Frequently Ask Questions articles. Please read it, It might help you to prepare for your first Rolfing Structural Integration session.

Rolfing Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ):

Who should consider Rolfing Structural Integration?

What should I wear during a Rolfing session? 

Can I work out during the Rolfing process?

How can Rolfing help Athletes?

If you have some questions about Rolfing process please click this link to email me or give me a call on 07840138019

Rolfing, exercises and stretches for sciatica – meet Carl

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Rolfing Structural Integration, exercises and stretches for sciatica.

Rolfing & Personal Training in London Jaro Wojciechowski

“Jaro has recently helped me with a sciatica problem. I have had this irritated / trapped nerve problem for years and seen various physios, all of whom have resorted to acupuncture – good for alleviating but not fixing. Jaro took time to thoroughly understand what, where, when and how the pain came about, used his knowledge to identify which joints were likely to be irritating the nerve and why, and prescribed exercises and stretches that seem to have fixed the root cause. I am really impressed with his approach and dedication. Thank you!” – Carl Meredith

For more testimonials please visit:

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Client review – Adam Trice reviewed Rolfing-Fitsmile-London

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Adam Trice reviewed Rolfing-Fitsmile-London

Rolfing is a technique of deep tissue manipulation which releases tension and realigns the body to improve functioning and well-being.

Adam Trice reviewed Rolfing-Fitsmile-London

“Hi Guys
I would like to take this opportunity to let people know that I have scored Jaro a 5 out of 5 as he deserves it.
I’m going to you why.
For a very long time I’ve been having many problems with my neck, back and my flexibility.
Which has caused me many problems ie major headache, stiffness in my neck which has caused me much unwanted pain in the mornings.
For my lower back I wasn’t able to bend forward further than 90 degrees which is unacceptable for a 36 year old male and if I was to bend slightly further than 45 degrees I would have great pain which would shoot up from my lower back to my head and give me such a headache, it really was unbearable.
Then I went to Jaro who I met though a friend at work after two sessions I was able to wake up in the morning without any stiffness in my neck or shoulders.
After a few more sessions I was relieved that I wasn’t having headache as much, after 1 more session, I wasn’t even having headaches anymore, well not from the neck pain only the stress of life.
Anyway he started to work on my lower back and found that I was all out of elignment. So he started to massage and pull me around a bit and yes it did hurt but I’m not ashamed to admit it, after about 4 more sessions I was walking more upright than I had been for years plus I felt taller which is always a bonus and without pain which I thought I was never going to have again. For my flexibility I am able to bend over to about 90 degrees which is a fair amount more than when I first started to see Jaro.
So I highly recommend this Excellent young professional.
I hope you all have taken the time to read my post and agree with me.
All the best Jaro
See you soon.” 

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For more information about Rolfing Structural Integration please visit: and

Rolfing-Fitsmile London facebook’s page

Client review- meet Beverley

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Below is a five-star review from the Rolfing-Fitsmile-London facebook’s page.


Rolfing is a technique of deep tissue manipulation which releases tension and realigns the body to improve functioning and wellbeing.

Rolfing & Personal Training in London Jaro Wojciechowski

“I’ve been having PT sessions with Jaro for the past few months.

I work hard and really enjoy the sessions. I feel stronger and more confident using free weights.

I wanted to work on my bottom, and for sure it’s made a real difference.

I really recommend Jaro. He’s great to train with!”

My client Beverley came to me a few months ago as part of her weight loss journey keen to increase her upper body strength, as well as tone her legs and glutes. Over the past weeks, the focus of the sessions has been on increasing weight training confidence with a variety of exercises including squats, deadlifts, step-ups, Bulgarian squats, bench press, bicep curls as well as some other isometric exercises and stretches. Squats were incorporated as the main lower body exercise using the German Volume Training method (GVT) of 10 sets with 10 reps for each. For the rest of the exercises, a lower number of sets were used with between 6 and 15 reps each. Each training session has had a lower/body ratio of 2:1. Below are some video clips as well as a plan of a typical personal training session:


Warm up:
1) Hips, shoulders mobility stretches and coordination drills, the muscle activation stimulation points and Rolfing SI fascial release manipulations for freeing up the joints and structural balance.
2) Squats – 10reps/20kg
3) Steps up -20reps
4) Squats – 10reps/30kg
5) Bench press – 10reps/20kg
Main workout:
1) Box-Squats 10reps/40kg
Steps up – 20reps
Bench press – 6reps/30kg
2) Box-Squats 10reps/40kg
Steps up – 20reps
Bench press – 6reps/30kg
3) Box-Squats 10reps/40kg
Steps up – 20reps
Bench press – 6reps/30kg
4) Box-Squats 10reps/40kg
Hip trusts 3sets/30s
Bench press – 6reps/30kg
5) Box-Squats 10reps/40kg
Hip trusts 3sets/30s
Incline bench press 10reps/20kg (Olympic bar)
6) Box-Squats 10reps/40kg
Hip trusts 3sets/30s
Incline bench press 10reps/20kg (Olympic bar)
7) Box-Squats 10reps/40kg
Adductors squeeze 3sets/30s
Incline bench press 10reps/20kg (Olympic bar)
8) Box-Squats 10reps/40kg
Adductor squeeze 3sets/30s
Incline bench press 10reps/20kg  (Olympic bar)
9) Box-Squats 10reps/40kg
Side leg lift 2sets/30s
Preacher bench (biceps curls) – 10reps/ a-z bar +7.5kg
10) Box-Squats 10reps/40kg
Side leg lift 3sets/30s
Preacher bench (biceps curls) – 10reps/ a-z bar + 7.5kg
Stretching & Bodywork:
The hamstring, gluts, calf stretch and Rolfing fascial manipulation techniques to aline body’s posture after exercises.


Here are some videos of our workouts:


Step Ups

Straight Leg Deadlift

Bench press

Smith Machine Incline Bench Press

Preacher curl bench biceps curls


For some more information about Personal Training and Rolfing please visit: Facebook page

Closed for Holidays (15th Dec 2017- 4th Jan 2018)

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Closed for Holidays

Closed for holidays (15th Dec 2017 – 4th Jan 2018)


I will be away from 15th Dec – 4th Jan. If you would like to schedule a session in before I go away, please let me know as soon as possible so that I can book you in.

If I don’t see you before have a great Christmas and New Year.


SHOULD YOU TRY ROLFING? Healthy for Man magazine investigates Rolfing.

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Rolfing & Personal Training in London Jaro Wojciechowski

Healthy for Man – November 2017

The first time I’d heard of this little-known practice was from actress Gwyneth Paltrow who seems to advocate more alternative pastimes than I can keep up with. But with a branch of the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration now in the UK, we ask, what is Rolfing and what can it offer the average man?

The name Rolfing comes from founder Dr Ida Rolf, an American biologist who developed the idea in the 70s that gravity impacts different areas of the body in different ways. She was influenced by Indian yogis whose bodily wellness inspired her to seek help for her family, many of whom had an abundance of mobility issues.

By pressing into the fascia – tissue that holds muscle to the skin – a Rolfer claims to improve posture, strength, energy and ease muscle pain. While many praise the practice for fixing previously unshakeable aches and pains; others dismiss it as a spiritual pseudoscience that writes cheques it can’t cash. We went to a Rolfing clinic in London to put the technique to the test.


Our host Jaro Wojciechowski is not only a certified Rolfer, but also a Pilates teacher and personal trainer. The first thing he does is take a few snaps of my standing position and explains where my body’s main points of gravity are. As my general fitness exploits come in the form of weightlifting, he asks me to demonstrate how I deadlift and squat. He shows me where my imbalances are, and while he’s happy with my form, he gives a few helpful pointers about how to improve, and increase my stability.

At this point, Jaro takes the time to explain what Rolfing is and how it can work for me. I’m totally on board with his holistic approach to the body, and the idea that aches and pains aren’t necessarily best addressed by focusing on the area experiencing the pain. But Rolfing is also about emotional balance by way of accessing the body’s energy – and until this can translate into science, the jury’s out on Rolfing’s wellbeing claims.

I lie on a treatment table and Jaro begins massaging my upper body. So far, so relaxing. He then applies pressure to my pectoral areas with his forearm – not so relaxing! This mix of pleasure and pain is like other sports massages I’ve received in the past, only with much more pressure, rolling down the ‘superficial layers of connective tissue’. The other difference is that sports massage aims to ease muscle tension, while Jaro was concerned with how my body holds itself against the gravity pulling against it, referring to his analysis of my posture.

Immediately after my first Rolfing session, I felt limber and ready to take on an intense gym session, so Jaro’s handiwork certainly had a positive effect. Now, in the gym, I’m focusing on working my back and shoulder muscles, areas Jaro identified as imbalanced and affecting my lifting form. While the science behind Rolfing remains sketchy, Jaro’s was one of the better sport massages I’ve had. For that reason alone it was worth it.

For some more informantion about Rolfing please visit: Facebook page

Beginner guide to Endurance training. 12 useful tips to maximize your performance.

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Beginner guide to Endurance training.

Endurance training for beginners

Rolfing & Personal Training in London Jaro Wojciechowski

–          Be familiar with the sport you want to compete in.

–          Be familiar with the distance you want to compete at.

–          Train hard but smart. If you feel like your body needs a rest, take a day off from training. If you don’t have enough time for a long workout, do a short workout with a higher intensity or resistance to challenge your body in a shorter amount of time.

–          Be systematic with your training.

–          Plan your races wisely and allow yourself enough time to prepare for an event.

–          Make sure that you have the right diet plan (the right amount of calories and a balanced ratio of macronutrients and micronutrients in your food) for the sport you compete in.

–          As much as you can, try to decrease your body’s inflammation caused by your endurance training. Use anti-inflammatory food and supplements, post-workout recovery supplements, etc.

–          Incorporate core exercises, stretches and foam rolling into your workout program.

–          Use the best quality equipment you can afford – it might decrease the risk of getting injured or sick.

–          Join an endurance athlete’s group on Facebook or other social media.

–          Train with a trainer or a group of friends.

–          Find a high quality body worker, Rolfing Structural Integration practitioner, osteopath, chiropractor or physio and set up a regular weekly session to keep your body in good alignment and to stay injury free.

Here’s the video showing how Rolfing Structural Integration can help endurance runners.


For more information about endurance training, Rolfing Structural Integration and how to stay injury free please visit my website  and my Facebook page or drop me an email on

Explore and Embody the Inner Mid Line Rolfing Movment

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Explore and Embody the Inner Mid Line Rolfing Movment Worksop in Hamburg.

I had a fantastic three days of finding and exploring the gravitational lines in my body at the Rolfing Movement Workshop with Pierpaola Volopones in Hamburg. Those three days of learning have given me new tools in my toolbox of techniques to integrate the connective tissue manipulations into day-to-day movement and personal training exercises I teach my clients.

A very interesting exploration was when we walked around the room and imagined an extra weight, firstly attached to our ankles, then knees, hips, shoulders, head and arms. Some of my colleagues, just by imagining the body’s centre of gravity in a different part of their body, were able to reduce or completely get rid of post-accident pain and discomfort they had. I can summarise my experience of exploring and embodying my inner mid line as powerful and long lasting. After each exploration my body felt more flexible, coordinated and integrated. I strongly believe that the way we move and project ourselves in the field of gravity mirrors our body’s well being.

For people who’ve never heard about the principles of Rolfing Structural Integration, I can explain it in a few words. To Structurally Integrate a person, all Rolfers follow the 10-step integration process. Each session focuses on one aspect of the body and prepares it to move on to the next one. The ten steps give practitioners and clients a framework for covering all the important areas of the body. Rolfers work with touch and movement. The main objective of the work is to integrate the human structure and function in the field of gravity.


Rolfing is a technique of deep tissue manipulation which releases tension and realigns the body to improve functioning and wellbeing.

The mid line, side bending and spinal rotation

Rolfing & Personal Training in London

The mid line, side bending and spinal rotation


The plumb line and pulley’s model

Rolfing & Personal Training in London

The plumb line and pulley’s model

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Rolfing Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ): Can I work out during the Rolfing process?

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Can I work out during the Rolfing process?

Rolfing is a technique of deep tissue manipulation which releases tension and realigns the body to improve functioning and wellbeing.


  • Throughout the Rolfing process the body undergoes a great deal of change which will positively improve the way the body moves, breathes and aligns. Many clients will have suffered from pain, bad posture and restricted movement for a long time, whether they were aware of it or not and therefore the Rolfing experience can be life changing. However in order to get the best results during and post treatment it is important to consider the type of training which is carried out alongside.


  • During the Rolfing sessions even though the body may feel stronger, more flexible and grounded it is a good opportunity to allow the body to settle down and to focus on exercise technique, rather than intense cardio or weight training. As certain movements may have been previously restricted or carried out incorrectly due to pain, it is a good time for the body to adapt to a new way of moving. It is therefore recommended to partake in light training such as walking, jogging, yoga, gentle stretching and free style movement.


  • Overtraining during the Rolfing process is not advised as it may compromise the long term benefits. For example, in session 1 work begins to free up the shoulder girdle, however if the client was to undertake a heavy shoulder workout later in the same day or the next day, even though they may be feel much better at first there is a risk that the muscle will tighten up again before the body has had time to fully recover and adapt. Suggested exercises and training can be advised during sessions.


For some more informantion about Rolfing please visit:

London Clinic for Rolfing, Personal Training, & Pilates

Rolfing Fitsmile London
Longcroft house, Victoria Avenue, London, EC2M 4NS


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