I have received a very positive Rolfing review in the May 2017 issue of Your Healthy Living Magazine.


Rolfing is a technique of deep tissue manipulation which releases tension and realigns the body to improve functioning and wellbeing.

I have received a very positive Rolfing review in the May 2017 issue of Your Healthy Living Magazine.




Our tester visited certified Rolfer Jaro Wojciechowski to sample this specialised form of bodywork.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been guilty of slouching and, as a result, my posture leaves a lot to be desired. So when I visited Jaro Wojciechowski to try out a session of Rolfing. I was intrigued to see whether he could help me to walk tall and iron out my various aches and pains.

Named after its founder, Dr Ida P Rolf, this method of bodywork reorganises the connective tissue, or ‘fascia’ to release, realign and balance the body. The treatment takes place over a course of 10 sessions and the aim is to help restore the body to its most efficient form to enable full ease and freedom of movement.

My session with Jaro began with a thorough assessment of my medical history and an examination of my posture, including taking ‘before and after’ photographs. I explained that an old running injury had left me with a tight hamstring, and I also suffered with a sore shoulder, so Jaro paid particular attention to these areas. He was able to pin point certain trigger points that were causing me pain and manipulated the areas to free up the tension. The sensation was a bit like receiving Chinese burn – not exactly fun but not terribly painful either – although I did shudder when Jaro worked on my tight hamstring. His gentle manner and humour helped enormously to put me at ease, however, and I can genuinely say that I felt great after the session. The difference in my posture in the before and after photographs was startling – my shoulders were no longer rounded and my back was much straighter. I was very impressed!

To find out more about Rolfing, visit www.rolfinguk.co.uk and to contact Jaro visit www.rolfing-fitsmile-london.co.uk

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